Why would you pay for it? We get it for free don’t we?

There are many wonderful things about being a Kiwi.

One of the many benefits we enjoy is Public Healthcare.

I’m sure that you or someone you know has benefited from it.

Unfortunately, many have also experienced frustrations that come along with the

system as well.

Perhaps you were ill and weren’t able to choose your own doctor or hospital.

Maybe you needed a particular operation or MRI and were put on a waiting list.

Or the best medicine you were prescribed was not covered.

This can cost you time, money and leave you in constant pain as you wait to be treated.

Have you considered medical insurance?

Investing a small amount each month can give you peace of mind that you get the care you

need, when you need it.

Goodbye waiting lists, hello quick recovery.

We just need a few details to be able to give you a quote and can take as little as 10 minutes to find out.

Get in touch today – before it is too late.


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