Are you overpaying ACC?

Have you ever been to dinner with friends and got caught splitting the tab, although you barely ate or drank? Unanticipated expenses can be a nuisance, but many of us can handle this situation without alarm.

But what if something way more important, such as your ACC coverage, ended up costing more than you anticipated? You may think that because you have ACC coverage if you have an accident you will be covered.

Unfortunately, filing a claim under your ACC coverage typically guarantees a 20% pay cut. For many Kiwis, this loss would be devastating. Even worse than that initial loss, ACC only covers absences due to accidents. Sadly, nearly 75% of work-related absences are due to illness!

This means the coverage you rely on very possibly will not provide financial respite you can actually use. Now the restaurant scenario sounds like
a dream!

What if there was a way to be covered 100% of the time, reduce your monthly premium all while guaranteeing your full salary?

We only ask for a moment of your time via phone or email to ensure you have affordable coverage you truly benefit from.


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