Is Your Future Wealth Secure?

As Kiwi’s we think of our wealth in terms of what we own.

Our House
Our Cars
And what is in our bank account.
We are great at insuring them against risks like fires and theft.

But have you considered your 2 greatest sources of wealth?

Your future income & health.

If you were not able to work for the next 20 years how much money would you lose? What’s your number?

Income protection gives you peace of mind that the wealth you will be creating is protected until you reach 65.

When it comes to health – New Zealanders think the government will protect them.

But you only have to listen to the media to hear just how long waiting lists are becoming

and how very few life savings medications are just not covered by the public health system.

Medical insurance is designed to fill the gap that the government cannot cover and get you back on your feet quicker.

Getting protection for you and your family can be cheaper than you think and give you security just like car insurance does for your car.

Is it worth at least getting a quote?

Send us a quick email and we can have a chat about securing your future wealth.


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