See How Income Protection Works in 59 Seconds

Income Protection is one of the most useful forms of insurance when protecting your lifestyle.

Statistics released by the insurance company AIA state that less than 12% of Kiwis have income protection insurance. This seems crazy when you think that over your working lifetime you will potentially earn millions of dollars.

Without the ability to earn, that disappears. When it comes to insurance it can be very easy to understand how life insurance and car insurance work. They are both quite black and white – but when it comes to income protection insurance, you need to learn a bit more.

Many people have a belief that ACC will pick up the pieces, but did you know that two thirds of time off work is because of illness, not injury-related disabilities. This means you are not covered. Who will support you and your family?

Income protection is a big topic. It is why making sure you are protected is key. You don’t have to understand it all, that is why you have an adviser.

If you have not checked your cover in the last 12 months, fill in the form below. It will either save you money, give you better protection or at least give you peace of mind.

Insureworks – Income Protection Video from Stephen Martin on Vimeo.


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