When a family’s world falls apart around them!

Like the vast majority of New Zealanders, Graeme and Alison had not reviewed their existing insurance cover for quite some time. They had dependent children and large mortgages on 2 properties that were chewing up a large portion of their income. They realised that if anything happened to one of them and their income dropped or stopped, they were in real trouble.

The Process:
In meeting with Graeme and Alison we conducted our comprehensive and in depth fact finding process. This allowed us insights into their personal lives and financial situation. In reviewing their situation we consulted with their professional team to ensure that the solutions were agreed upon and understood by all parties. We put the solutions into action and instigated a follow up procedure.

The Solution:
We actioned cover to ensure that key concerns were addressed. This included the repayment of the mortgage, surety about the children’s future education, the completion of retirement planning and ongoing living costs. Graeme was the income earner so plans were completed to ensure that lump sum payments equal to the mortgage plus a contingency plan were in place.

An income plan was started so that the family would not go without should Graeme be unable to work. This was matched with a higher quality health plan. The total investment needed to action all this was equivalent to the cost of the protection plan being replaced – it cost no more but was far more comprehensive.

The Unforseen Happens:
DISASTER! In 2015 Graeme was diagnosed with cancer. The oncologist recommended chemotherapy along with an expensive drug that is only available privately. The cost was a huge $74,081! The cancer prevailed and a further $35,654 of treatment started.

NOTHING WORKED and Graeme and Alison were given the devastating news that he had 2-3 months to live. Their old medical plan would have only covered 80% of the medical costs. The new plan paid an additional $21,947. They would have had to raise their mortgage to pay for treatment under the old plan.

Wording on the superior life policy allowed the family to receive the life insurance early. This cleared all financial commitments and relieved this area of stress entirely. An additional feature of this plan commenced after Graeme’s departure and ensured that Alison and the children could maintain their lifestyle. It also allowed Alison to stop work without financial pressure and begin the healing process associated with grieving.

Graeme stated often that knowing that his family was secure was one thing that gave him huge relief and satisfaction as his time was nearing an end.


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