How much life insurance do you really need?

Have you ever thought to yourself do I really need life insurance? How much would I actually need?

The answer really depends on you and your family. If you have access to unlimited money, you probably don’t need any life insurance. However, in the event that you don’t have access to a unlimited money, like most of us, it is important to work out what you actually need.

The first question – Do I need life insurance? If you have family, business or people that you are responsible for and care about – then the answer is yes.

Life insurance provides security for your family or business should something unexpected happen to you. The second question – How much do I need? This is where your insurance adviser can help. We help guide you through every angle to make sure you know your options and can make an informed decision.

Let’s look at an example: Jane and Michael are married with two young children. Jane is a 41 year old stay at home Mum and Michael, 52, earns $95,000 per annum as a builder. They have a $530,000 mortgage.

As your adviser the questions we would start asking would include – do you want to pay off your mortgage of $530,000? How is Jane going to survive without Michael’s $95,000 per year income? How would she be able to keep the same standard of living while the kids grow up? You may want to pay off the mortgage? Set-up an investment that pays an income until the children turn 18 – so Jane can focus on raising the children?

This gives you power, to understand your options and know you are protected. If you would like a quick call to talk through your options or to sit down with an adviser.

Book in a free no obligation meeting. Let us give you peace of mind.

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