Code of Conduct

The Standards Are

Ethical behaviour, Conduct and Client Care

1. Treat Clients fairly

    We wil treat you with repect, listen to your concerns and respond to your concerns 

    We will act in a timely and clear manner

    We will not take adavantage of you

     We will not pressure you into making a financial decision

2. Act  with integrity

    We will avoid any conflicts of interest

    We will not do anything that might bring the financial services industry into disrepute

3. Give financial advice that is suitabe

     We will ensure that the financial advice given is suited to your needs and in accordance with  

     the scope of service agreed on

4. Ensure that the client understands the financial advice given

    We will present your recommendation in an easy to understand format and take every step 

     possible to ensure you understand the advice given 

5. Protect client information

    We will take every step possible to ensure that your personal information is stored securely

     both in the cloud and in locked filing cabinets.

Competence Knowledge and Skill

 6. Have general competence, knowledge and skill

7. Have particular competence, knowledge and skill for product advice    Our

8. Keep competence, knowledge and skill up to date

Our advisers have completed New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services - Level 5 Life

 and Health Insurance. 

What our clients say

  • ""Further to a personal enquiry I would like to say that Yvonne has changed my general opinion of Insurance Advisers – with Yvonne it’s not all about sell, sell, sell, it’s about building a long standing relationship, she listens and then provides informative, sound and professional advice surrounding all aspects of your life and career. ""

    Tori Mortimer (ASSISTANT.CO.NZ)

  • ""Yvonne always responds to my referrals promptly. She pays diligent attention to them. She is knowledgable about the full range of life insurance products. She provides good advice that is applicable to the prospect or client.""


  • ""Yvonne organised health insurance for me and got me an excellent deal! She also managed to reduce my A.C.C.bill. Great service! ""

    Bjorn Leigh (H4 BUILDERS LTD)

  • ""I have had Yvonne to review my personal insurance and ACC commitments. I was highly impressed by Yvonne’s knowledge and commitment to her industry. Yvonne was able to point out areas that would not be covered by my current insurance policies and assisted in sound advice to save money for my family and business. I have no hesitation in recommending Yvonnes services to anyone. Phil Prior – 021 55 2345 Web Mentor Datum Connect""

    Phil Prior (Datum Connect)

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